Braking Point Returns Alongside F1® World (2023)

Rivals become teammates when Braking Point returns in EA SPORTS™ F1® 23 launching on June 16, 2023 for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

Check out the second F1® 23 deep dive video below, narrated by Sky Sports F1 presenter Natalie Pinkham, that also includes details on the new F1® World:

Braking Point Makes Its Return

In F1® 2021, the fictional narrative-driven story mode Braking Point made its well-received debut. It followed the journey of Aiden Jackson, the most-recent driver to break through into Formula 1®. Aiden was confronted with many trials and tribulations along the way, with one of those being a ruthless Devon Butler who would stop at nothing to succeed.

The two became rivals and this year, as Braking Point returns for its second helping, Devon and Aiden find themselves as teammates at Konnersport Butler Racing Team, the latest team to join the F1® grid.

In Braking Point 2, the focus will be on the 2022 and 2023 seasons. As well as some familiar faces, there are a whole host of new characters that feature in the story. One of those is the newly crowned Formula 2™ champion, Callie Mayer.

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As the first woman ever to win the F2™ championship, Callie is hungry for a shot on the biggest stage of all, Formula 1®. To bring her story to life, the writing team partnered with three-time W Series World Champion and Williams Racing development driver Jamie Chadwick, who gave invaluable insight from a driver’s perspective.

As you progress through Braking Point, your on and off-track actions will determine your Performance and Reputation levels. Completing Braking Point with higher Performance and Reputation will earn you more rewards.

Depending on the decisions you make when developing your car and the team, alongside the responses you give to the press, you may unlock bonus objectives. Whether you complete or fail these objectives will have a lasting impact on how a storyline plays out.

(Video) F1® 23 | Braking Point 2 & F1® World Deep Dive

As with all modes in F1® 23, progressing through Braking Point will earn you Podium Pass XP which has its own rewards to unlock on top of those for completing the story.

If you pre-order the Champions Edition of F1® 23, a number of the Braking Point characters will be available as Icons for use in My Team.

With Callie’s domination in Formula 2™, will Devon or Aidan have to step aside? Will the pair’s rivalry boil over? There will be many twists and turns along the way, with plenty to look forward to for racing fans new and old in Braking Point 2.

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F1® World - The Hub for All

Welcome to F1® World, your go-to place for all things F1®. As a brand-new feature for F1® 23, there’s a lot that’s been packed in.

F1® World is an exciting new way to enjoy the game, serving as a central hub for multiple game modes. It features solo and multiplayer experiences, a shared progression system, daily, weekly, and seasonal content, an overhauled Licence Level system, and many different ways to play.

For new players, F1® World is the perfect place to jump in to help introduce the complex world of Formula 1®, whilst getting to grips with the game before launching a bid for the World Championship.

For returning players, you’ll rediscover that all the beloved areas of the game have a fresh look and feel including Time Trial, Grand Prix, and Multiplayer. Not only does the time spent in these modes feel more rewarding, but you can challenge yourself on difficult objectives for even greater benefits.

As you progress through F1® World, taking on events and challenges that change over time and align with the season, you'll increase your Tech Level and earn upgrades that can be equipped to your F1® World car. As your Tech Level increases, as will your car’s performance, opening up more difficult events to master.

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(Video) Alle NEUHEITEN zu F123 🔥 Red Flag, Braking Point 2 , F1 World & mehr!


Series in F1® World is designed to offer a range of competitive events that take you on a singleplayer global tour of Formula 1®. These events will span a variety of game modes and tracks, with various primary and secondary objectives to complete. Improve your driving skills against the AI, master different circuits, and get a taste of luxury with Supercar events to help improve your Tech Level and the F1® World car.

Solo & Multiplayer Events

Including an ever-changing list of daily, weekly, and seasonal events and objectives, Solo & Multiplayer Events offer a taste of both singleplayer and multiplayer racing. Content drops align with the real F1® calendar, so there’s always a good reason to come back.

F1® World Car

Your F1® World car is the vehicle you'll be using throughout most of F1® World. Just like in previous games you’ll be able to change how it looks, but in F1® World you'll unlock upgrades to equip, instantly changing its performance.

As you progress through F1® World, you'll unlock upgrades known as Car Parts (like Brakes and Gearboxes) and Team Members. Team Members include a Team Principal, Strategist, R&D Head, and Sponsors. Each of these can have Contracts assigned to them that give added gameplay modifications. Unwanted upgrades can also be dismantled into resources that can be used to craft other items.

Upgrading your car will increase your Tech Level, making your car faster, handle better, and brake more efficiently, ultimately making it more competitive in events.

All upgrades (both Car Parts and Team Members) are unlocked through gameplay in F1® World, with additional upgrades being available as part of the Free and VIP tiers of Podium Pass. These items can be acquired more quickly by purchasing XP boosts with PitCoin but outside of this, there are no ways to purchase individual upgrades with real-world money.

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Licence Level

Throughout F1® World, F1® 23 will encourage you to race cleanly with a new safety rating system. Whether you’re playing Series or Solo & Multiplayer Events, the number of penalties you receive and how well you play to the rules will impact your Licence Level.

Clean driving throughout events will have you advance through ranks A-D, with higher ranks opening up more realistic race styles. For example, in Rank D, collisions with other drivers in Multiplayer are disabled, whereas those racing with a Rank A licence will have full damage enabled for a more authentic experience.

(Video) F1 23 Multiplayer gets a MASSIVE Overhaul - This is F1 World

For all events in F1® World that rely on your License Level, you have the freedom to choose which level you play at. Even once you’ve attained a particular licence level, you can still select a lower one ahead of each event for a more casual experience.

If you don’t want your Licence Level impacted, you can always switch this off when playing custom Multiplayer games, or in Grand Prix offline. Similarly, should you wish to lock off custom Multiplayer games to those with a particular licence level, you can do that too.

Ranked Overhaul

Whilst Series and Solo & Multiplayer Events use the F1® World car, the entirely overhauled Ranked mode relies on equal performance vehicles to allow pure driving ability to take center stage.

Unlike previous games in the series, Ranked now features a division-based system. Drivers are placed into groups, with 100 players in each. Every group has its own leaderboard, and depending on how you perform in Ranked events, you’ll climb or drop down your leaderboard accordingly.

If you’re one of the top players in your group by the end of the week, you’ll be promoted to the next division. Fall behind, and you may be demoted to the divisions below you. Drivers in higher Divisions will earn Podium Pass XP boosts, with bonuses ranging from 5-20%.

Think you’ve got what it takes? The Elite division is the highest of them all and those in that division can earn the right to call themselves one of the best players in the world. Whilst those in your group are made up of drivers on your chosen platform - be that Xbox, PlayStation, or PC - cross-play is enabled when matchmaking. For the Elite division, you’ll be able to see where players rank on the global cross-play leaderboard, as well as where they rank on your platform.

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Goals and Compendium

In addition to everything else in F1® World, we’ve added two new sections to get you closer to the history of F1® past and present, Goals and Compendium.

Goals offer even more opportunities to earn rewards in F1® World and to speed up your progression in Podium Pass.

(Video) F1 2021 - Braking Point: Chapter 10 - F1GHT

The Compendium is a virtual sticker album. Stickers can be unlocked throughout your time in F1® World or crafted using resources you earn. Completing stickers earn you XP and more resources to go towards upgrading your F1® World car.

Even More

As you can tell, there’s lots to look forward to when F1® 23 launches on June 16.

You can check out the reveal article which gives an overview of the game, or the gameplay features deep dive articlewe published which goes into more detail on some of the key innovations.

Pre-Order Now

Available to pre-order now, the digital-exclusive F1® 23 Champions Edition - featuring two-time reigning World Champion Max Verstappen on the cover - comes with the following content:

  • Time-limited Las Vegas Content Pack**
  • Max Verstappen Race Wear Pack
  • Braking Point 2 Icons and Vanity Item Pack
  • Dual Entitlement***
  • Four New My Team Icons
  • XP Boost
  • F1® World Bumper Pack
  • 18,000 PitCoin
  • 3-Day Early Access starting June 13, 2023

For those that pre-order, the physical and digital Standard Edition of F1® 23 featuring EA SPORTS ambassador Charles Leclerc alongside Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris, will include:

  • F1® World Starter Pack
  • 5,000 PitCoin

F1® 23 will release across PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC via EA App, Epic Games Store, and Steam on June 16, 2023.

To keep up to date on the latest F1® 23 news, be sure to follow the official Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube channels.

*Conditions and restrictions apply. See for details.

**Pre-order by May 31, 2023. Conditions and restrictions apply. See for details.

(Video) How Is F1 World Gonna Work On The F1 23 Game?

***PlayStation and Xbox only.


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